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What is Pure Crystal Meth?

Pure Crystal Meth is an extremely addictive stimulant drug and is available for sale on pills wizard. Pure crystal meth does not have any major therapeutic uses, though it is indicated for intractable ADHD in some circumstances and excess obesity conditions.

What are the different forms or types of Crystal Meth?

  1. It comes in crystalline white powdered form, which has no odor. Crystal meth tastes bitter and dissolves in water or alcohol with ease.
  2. Crystal meth is also in form of rocks of shiny blue-white color.
  3. It is equally available in brown, yellow-gray, orange and even pink.
  4. There are also crystal meth pills, which is the condense form of the powdered drug.

What are the uses of pure Crystal Meth drugs?

  1. Develop a genuine desire for its usage, and become addicted to it.
  2. To get an illusion of happiness and well being.
  3. Hyperactivity.
  4. some people use to for reducing their appetite.

How does Crystal Meth work?

Pure Crystal Meth is a stimulant that impacts on the brain,  the persons spinal cord, and their central nervous system. It changes the way in which the body processes the neurotransmitters which take care for the communication between the nerves  and the brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter which is affected to the greatest extent by the drug as it is released in larger quantities on taking the drug. Since this neurotransmitter is related to the feelings of pleasure and reward, you get a sense of euphoria which is termed as “rush”. During this, there is a rise in heart rate, blood pressure, and libido. You can buy Liquid LSD, anxiety pills and other drugs like steroids, cocaine and heroin online on this website.

What are the short and long-term effects of Crystal Meth?

The duration for which the impact of Crystal Meth remains in your system is about a day. After this, you would experience a post-rush phase which is referred to as “tweaking”.

  1. Paranoia, irritability, hallucination, and delusion occurs when you tweak on meth as euphoria is replaced with these feelings.
  2. You can feel a period of depression which is also known as “crash”
  3. as the Crystal Meth depletes the dopamine supply in the body quickly. During this crash,  depression, and fatigue occurs.
  4. The chronic use of the drug causes permanent alteration on the way in which brain processes the memories and emotions. This leads to mood disturbances, paranoia, violent behavior, and symptoms consistent with psychosis.
  5. Long-term use of the drug leads to a damage of the motor skills.
  6. The abuse of Meth for a long term can cause serious health issues such as skin lesions, tooth decay, sexually transmitted diseases and sometimes stroke or heart attack.
  7. Painful penis erection for as long as 4 hours or even more.


What is the dosage of this drug?

For the short term treatment of obesity in the case of adults, the recommended dose is one 5-milligram (mg) tablet. It has to be taken one-half hour prior to each meal.

Those who are of the age of 6 and above and diagnosed with ADHD, then the dose should be 5mg once or two times per day.

The dose that is taken daily can be increased by 5mg at intervals of 1 week until the achievement of an optimum clinical response.

20-25 mg is the usual effective dose of this drug.

What is the overdose Level to avoid?

Taking Meth more than the recommended dose can lead to overdose symptoms which require the poison control center to be called immediately. The symptoms include:

  • Feeling restlessness
  • Tremor or muscle twitches
  • Rapid breathing
  • Experiencing confusion and hallucinations
  • Panic or aggression
  • Pain in the muscle, tenderness, or weakness.
  • Fever or flu symptoms
  • Dark colored urine
  • Depression and tiredness.
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain.
  • Uneven heartbeats
  • Light-headedness, fainting.
  • Seizure or coma.


  1. This drug must not be used for the treatment of obesity for those below 12 years old because of the lack of any evidence of its safety and effectiveness
  2. The instructions of the doctor must be strictly followed as well as the directions on the prescription label. Avoid taking it without doctor’s prescription as it can lead to death or serious health issues.
  3. You must avoid taking it longer than the prescribed duration and more than the prescribed amount.
  4. If you find that after taking the drug, your appetite increases slowly, then also you must not increase the dosage. In such a case, it is advisable to call the doctor.
  5. You must adhere to a calorie-restricted diet while under the drug.
  6. If a dose of the drug is missed and it is time for the next dose, then avoid the skipped dose but never take an extra dose.
  7. Taking the medicine in the later part of the day may lead to sleep problems, so take it in the initial part of the day.
  8. It must never be shared with anyone without a prescription. If you stop taking the drug then you should bring the remaining drug back to the pharmacist for their safe disposal.

How to buy Crystal Meth with prescription?

A good number of physicians prescribe Crystal Meth for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other medical conditions. Even with a prescription, Crystal Meth should be taken strictly under the guidance of a medical doctor. You can buy pure crystal meth products from pills wizard without a prescription, but we strongly recommend you to purchase it with one as it has serious life-threatening side effects if not taken with the guidance of a physician.

What is the legal status of Crystal Meth?

Crystal Meth comes under the Schedule II category which entails that it has the potential for abuse. Selling Crystal meth in the streets is illegal. We take precautions in delivering your products as discreet as possible anywhere in The US and CANADA and the globe. Pills wizards makes the process of delivering you drug 100% anonymous and delivery of you pure crystal meth Amphetamine is very discreet.

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